Awesome Ted Talk on Liquid Leading

This is a really interesting video on the concept of Liquid Leading – having the lead flow from one person to the other and back again. While I personally have played around with some of the concepts of this with my dances in the past (a.k.a dancing switch), these guys have really brought a ton of insight and thought to the concept. It is well worth the watch!

OK- who whats do this with me?!? Lets get some liquid leading classes going!

Steal Dance From Dirt Cheap Blues

Hey there folks! Here is an example of some steal dancing going on between Matthew Vazquez, Travon Henson and Ashley DeVoe at Dirt Cheap Blues in Virginia Beach. This was just the start of a fantastic weekend at the Dirt Cheap Blues Exchange that took place on September 9th, 2016 at Virginia Beach.

Thanks to Michelle Smith and Kat Star for the video-ing! You guys are awesome!