Where To Dance

Down Right Dance co-hosts a free swing and blues dance on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Tuesdays of every month at the Blue Note Grill. Check out the events page for more details!

Dance Gumbo has a listing of all the social dances going on in the area to help get your fix.


Shoes and Clothing

Wondering where to get shoes and other stuff? Check out these links...

  • Dancestore.com: Awesome shoes and other great accessories. This is were to go to get these retro running shoes and the white cap-toe Aris Allan dance shoes that a lot of dancers wear.
  • Daddy-O's:  Retro shirts and dresses that are pretty killer. The "Stop Staring" dresses are always a favorite.
  • Target, Payless, Kohl'sWalmart etc.: Great sources for cheap canvas shoes, good for general dancing without breaking the bank. Slap some moleskin or felt on the bottoms and you'll be spinning like crazy.


Shoe Chroming

Supplies for attaching stuff to the bottoms of your shoes to make them dance easier.

  • Tandy Leather: They carry suede and cow hide sheets that you can cut to fit the bottoms of your shoes as well as leather contact cement used for gluing.
  • Lowes, Homedepot etc.: Great place to pick up a bottle of contact cement for shoe repairs and gluing on new soles. I've been using the Dap Weldwood for a while now with good results.
  • Local Shoe Cobbler/Repair: Call them up and ask if they will chrome a pair of shoes for you. They supply the leather, the glue and the work, you supply the shoes!

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